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+316 2322 1594 info@travpactnetherlands.com

About TravPact Tours

Learn about TravPact tours in Madagascar & the Netherlands. We’re Travelife Certified for sustainability and focused on quality cultural connections.

Welcome to TravPact. Travel with Impact.

For over 20 years, we have been organising and leading tours with a positive impact. Our focus on sustainable and responsible travel means you can feel confident that your travels are positively impacting the local communities and environment wherever we go.

Our tours in the Netherlands do not contribute to over-tourism in popular destinations. Instead, we encourage you to get out into nature and enjoy the wonders of this extraordinary landscape. We help you explore lesser-known destinations and learn more about the real Netherlands and Dutch culture. 

Step off the well-trodden path with us. Let’s ensure our travels always leave a positive impact.

Sustainable Tours & Responsible Travel

Since the beginning, we have always focused on giving back to the communities and on protecting the environment wherever we travel.

TravPact is Travelife Certified, which means our tours are in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Industry criteria and our certification is formally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

With a professional background in the nonprofit sector working in international development, we are keenly aware of the impact tourism can have on a destination and its people. That’s why we’ve chosen to involve as many local beneficiaries as possible in TravPact so that your travels have a positive impact.

TravPact Tours in Madagascar

Our tours in Madagascar introduce visitors to the island’s incredible wildlife, diverse landscapes, and welcoming Malagasy people. We have been operating tours in Madagascar for more than 20 years, forging strong partnerships with local community organisations and growing our depth of knowledge on all aspects of Madagascar travel. 

If you’re seeking the trip of a lifetime, join us to dive deep into the many facets that make Madagascar so wondrous. We promise your travels will have a positive impact on the environment and local communities…and this journey to Madagascar will surely have a positive impact on you.

Find out more about TravPact Madagascar.